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A8A(B) In-Bond Cargo Control Document (Pre-Printed)

A8A(B) In-Bond Cargo Control Document (Pre-Printed)

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A8A(B) In Bond Cargo Control Document, a must-have for Canadian businesses managing in-bond shipments. Made from high-grade carbon-copied paper, it guarantees proper tracking, security, and compliance to avoid delays and penalties.

Filled-in A8A(B) In-bond cargo control documents come in packets of 100 with carbon copies attached to each document for each department. These A8A In-Bond Cargo Control Documents can be customized with printed and barcoded cargo control numbers as well as the Name of Carrier field printed on each document. The paper size is 8 x 5.5in.

  • An In Bond is a Canadian Shipment Type for goods to clear through CBSA. The carrier declares the shipment as an In Bond when the driver arrives at the border by reporting the shipment as In Bond on their ACI eManifest and presenting a paper A8A form to the officer. Learn More >>

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