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A8B In-Transit Manifests

A8B In-Transit Manifests

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These high-quality documents are your reliable companion for transporting goods through the U.S. or Canada and provide a complete record of your shipment, including a unique In-Transit barcode, quantity, value, port of entry, port of exit, and other required info. The official A4 size paper provides ample space for detailed information and easy readability. Comply with regulations and transport your goods with ease using our A8B In-Transit Manifests.

A8B in-transit manifest documents come riveted in packets of 100 with carbon copies and a unique transit manifest barcode attached to each document. The paper size is A4.

  • An A8B is an In-Transit Manifest. It controls the movement of goods moving from point to point in the US by transiting Canada, or point to point in Canada after transiting the US. Learn More >>

    For Canadian cross-border requirements click here.

    For U.S. cross-border requirements click here.