CSA Carrier Lead Sheet Card (Racks)

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CSA lead sheet cards are made of thick PVC plastic and printed in high-quality. Includes bar-coded carrier code, and states 'RACKS" on the card, letting CBSA officer know that you are an approved CSA carrier but crossing with empty racks or bins. Starting at 10 cards and up.

CSA (Customs Self Assessment) cards are used to identify the carrier and the importer as trusted CSA carriers, and importers at the time of arrival. 

To be eligible as a CSA Shipment the goods must have been shipped directly from the United States or Mexico, and must not require any kind of permit, license or other similar documents to be presented at the time of the report. (i.e. cannot be subject to the regulation of another government department such as CFIA.) The importer is responsible for indicating to the carrier those shipments that are eligible for CSA clearance. Learn More >>

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